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  • World renowned Quantum Healing Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Practitioner & Course Teacher.

  • Christ Consciousness Energy Healer working with Elohim & Golden Ray Angels. Reiki practitioner & certified.

  • Starseed Ascension & Psychic Activation Guide.

  • Lyran - Andromedan Starseed & part of the Council of Light.

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Become a Quantum Healing Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Practitioner!

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Ellie Garnham

Ellie is known around the world for her healing work and ability to connect people to Galactic & Angelic beings, Soul family & Spiritual team.


The past decade has seen her developing the abilities of others whilst channeling higher consciousness to assist humanity in their awakening into New Earth.

Level up & turobo charging your gifts after Quantum Healing Hypnosis & Past Life Regressio

Your trauma, energetic blocks, unhealed past lives, and programming are stopping you from realizing and accessing your psychic gifts.

  • Unlock your gifts within your DNA.

  • Wake up to who you are.

  • Remove blocks so you can use your special gifts.

  • Up level, accelerate and expand your consciousness.

  • Transform your entire life. QHHT Practitioner

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I call in energies to heal you at quantum level, I activate dormant light codes buried deep within your DNA structure so that you too can become the healer, the light bearer, and teacher you were born to become.

I not only activate these gifts within you, but I clear away anything that is blocking you from connecting to your Spiritual team and receiving higher guidance.  I clear the way for these beautiful high vibrational beings to channel through you so that you can share their wisdom and your wisdom with the world.

  • Activate your Spirit.

  • Ignite the Warrior within you.

  • Be fierce, unafraid and unapologetic.

  • Living in true resonance with your truth and higher self.

  • Expand your mind body & soul.


I strengthen your connection to spirit, and anchor you connection with the higher realms so that you can call in the light to heal yourself and others.

Whether it be the Golden Ray (highest vibrational of creation), Angelics, Andromedans, Agarthans, Lyrans, and so forth…whichever energy you are meant to receive and work with; I bridge the connection for you.
I am here to guide you on your Ascension.
But it begins with YOU.

When we go on this journey of Ascension together, we heal, we align, and we embody our most highest successful self.
You were born for more.

You have a higher purpose.
You are different.
You are sacred.

Discover who you are, your origins & why you chose to incarnate here at this time & move into the world you were born to create.

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