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To Quantum Healing

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  • World renowned Quantum Healing Hypnosis Alternate & Past Life Regression Practitioner & Course Teacher.

  • Creator and Founder of iHEAL Technique*

  • Christ Consciousness Energy Healer working with Elohim & Golden Ray Angels. Reiki practitioner & certified.

  • Dedicated to starseed Ascension & Psychic Activations

  • iHEAL Quantum Healing now available in two styles dedicated to healing trauma & abuse or activating your spiritual psychic gifts and your Soul Purpose.

  • Heal trauma from your present, alternate & past lives

  • Access & fully embody your spiritual psychic gifts

  • Unblock attachments, pains, fears & phobias stopping you from embodying your highest self & finding your purpose

  • Work with your Higher Self and find your Divine Soul Purpose

  • Connect, meet & work with your Galactic, Angel, and Soul Family

Reiki Therapy

Your trauma and unhealed past lives are causing huge energetic blocks and attachments in your present life.

These are showing up as fears, phobias, pains, disease, triggers, and so many more ways.

they are stopping you from realising and accessing your spiritual psychic gifts & living the life you dream off.

they are stopping you from being in the energy of receiving abundance, love, and happiness.

Working with me, we will Unlock your DNA & activate lightcodes buried within, 
Activate your soul remembrance and higher purpose, Quantum heal all your timelines accelerating you into your highest, most successful timeline.

Heal & free your Ancestral line, Level up, accelerate, and expand your consciousness, and of course, transform your entire life!

Ellie, Quantum Healer & Course Teacher

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Working within the realm of the highest vibration of healing at quantum level, I activate dormant light codes buried deep within your DNA & cellular structure so that you too can become the healer, the light bearer, you were born to become.

Strengthen your connection to spirit, and anchor you connection with the higher realms.

Ignite your soul remembrance, realise your galactic origins & discover your Soul purpose & reason for incarnating to Earth at this very time.

Together, we activate psychic & spiritual gifts that until now have remained dormant buried deep within.

Clear away any & all blocks, attachments, fears & phobias, cancel, delete & cut any ties, vows, & contracts that are blocking you from connecting from embodying your highest most successful & abundant timeline.

Access & channel your spiritual Soul family, galactic cousins & the Angels so that you can rapidly ascend your consciousness & anchor in New Earth.

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  • Activate your Spirit.

  • Ignite the Warrior within you.

  • Be fierce, unafraid and unapologetic.

  • Living in true resonance with your truth and higher self.

  • Expand your mind body & soul.


If you have found yourself guided to my energy, understand & realise that you have a much higher purpose than you could have ever imagined.

All your life lessons, traumas, and experiences have been your training to get to this point.

Now we clear this & evolve your consciousness quicker than any other healing & past life modality could offer.

Whether it be the Golden Ray (highest vibrational of creation), Angelics, Andromedans, Agarthans, Lyrans, and so forth…whichever energy you are meant to receive and work with; I bridge the connection for you.
I am here to guide you on your Ascension.
But it begins with YOU.

When we go on this journey of Ascension together, we heal, we align, and we embody our most highest successful self.
You were born for more.

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