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 Angelic - Crystal - Reiki - Golden Ray (Christ Consciousness) Energy Healer 

Angelic Counsellor & Advisor

Quantum Healing Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Practitioner

Lyran - Andromedan Starseed & part of the Council of Light

In my sessions I help you heal past life attachments, parallel universes, traumas & remove old beliefs, contracts & programming.
I help you rewire negative neural pathways leading to total transformation of your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit. 

I help you create space for new energies to come in from your Spiritual team and the cosmos.  Recalibrating new beliefs, leading from your heart space.  I help you open your Crown chakra to allow for new integrations, healings, & clearings to take hold as well as open & strengthen your connection to Spirit & other highly evolved Spiritual beings including the Archangels.

I connect you to beings from Inner Earth, Galactic and of the Angelic realms to assist you with accomplishing your mission here on Earth. You will channel your Spirit Guides & Soul family, cancel, clear & delete old programs that are inhibiting you from accessing your DNA and skyrocket your psychic abilities.

‣ Heal at Soul level
‣Manifest abundance across all levels of your being
‣Empower & allow for total unconditional love & peace into your being-ness
‣Clear, cancel, delete old programming, structures, and toxic behaviors
‣Discover your true power & awaken to your absolute sovereignty
‣Eradicate old limiting beliefs
‣Eliminate and stop recycling lower vibrational relationships in your life
‣Embody your highest most authentic self
‣Transform your past, present & future across all levels of your being

‣Receive Reiki, Golden Ray & other sacred healing energies throughout the course of the program each session

‣Activate your psychic & mediumship abilities
‣Open your channel to your spiritual team and bring through messages from the divine
‣Energy healing - channeling - mediumship - intuitive development - Akashic records activations - astral travel training
‣Embody a higher frequency and manifest your future
‣Everything you need to create your own soul aligned business sharing your gifts

First, you heal your past, awaken to your Spiritual abilities, leading to total transformation & embodiment of your higher purpose, paving the way for your service to others.  
Leading to manifesting your dream life embodying your highest self and living in total abundance.
Step into freedom & living in total alignment with your higher purpose. 


Message to Starseeds:

I assist you in aligning your energies to fulfilling your higher purpose & mission here on earth. 

I help you clear blocks, attachments, & lifetimes that are preventing you from fully accessing your abilities in being of service to humanity and all life on earth. 

I activate and help bring your abilities online and help you fully connect to your Spiritual team and higher beings.  I take you where you need to go (portals / parallel timelines etc through my ascension sessions.)

As a Starseed, my abilities were always there but really came online about 8 years ago when I arrived in Australia.  Something happened and bam – I woke to a higher calling. I didn’t have much guidance at the time, which has now helped me fulfil my own mission in being a guide for Starseeds.

The old paradigm is collapsing, as we ascend into the Golden Age of Aquarius, more & more of us are awakening to our higher selves.  Purging, releasing, clearing & healing our past traumas, so that we can embody our divine, live our purpose, and manifest our deepest desires.

Take your power back so you can embody your highest spiritual self.

Heal & clear attachments blocking you from tapping into your gifts.

Manifest total abundance in all areas of your life. 

You deserve love, you deserve to heal, and you deserve to TRANSFORM!

My sessions lead to total transformation of your Mind Body & Soul.

All of us have experienced trauma at some point in our lives.  It’s how we deal with these traumas that affect our bodies energetically & physically.   Too often, we brush painful experiences under the carpet, block out memories, try and forget what has happened to us and just move on in life.  The severity that this has on us can lead to serious dis-ease in doing so.

You say no to victimhood mindset, no to allowing others to overstep boundaries.  You choose inner peace, & total unconditional love.  You choose to heal, transform, and embody your sovereignty.

Working with my own energy, with the energies around us, and with my spiritual team, I now heal people all over the world.  It is an honor to help others, and inspire others to live their lives freely, re-establishing their own connection and divinity to source.

To help you remove your trauma, so you can live a beautiful life, without fear, excited for the future and proud of who you are.​

Based in Cheltenham VIC.

Face to face and online ZOOM sessions

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Each month you will receive different methods advice of self healing rituals & learn new ways to heal yourself and others around you.

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To contact me directly - ellie@elliegarnham.com.au