Deep Healing Soul Transformation

Do you suffer from trauma?

Is your fear holding you back in life?

 Do you feel blocked?

Is something stopping you from moving forward?

Do you feel out of control?

In fight or flight?

... This course if for YOU.


Begin your Transformation now & save a whopping $1425usd today!

Payment plans available from as little as $195usd.

Reiki Therapy

Don't waste years of your time, thousands of dollars, searching and investing in multiple teachers, mentors & healers.


Do it all here in one course with personal one on one sessions with Ellie! These are worth $185 alone! You receive THREE!

Understand your experiences. Heal your trauma. Accelerate & expand your energy so that you move into alignment with your highest timeline, living in total abundance, happiness and joy in ALL areas of your life.


A very special Sacred container healing program.

You receive private one on one sessions with me, AND personal ongoing support with me throughout your journey.

Instant access.

13 (Goddess Number) modules consisting of:

  • Energy Healings

  • Energy Clearings

  • Releasing Energetic blocks & past life attachments

  • Energetic upgrades & activations that will clear you of old programming & conditioning that are keeping you in a state of stagnancy.


Release traumas from your past to align with your future so that you can live freely, embodying your highest self and manifesting love within and around you.


YOU undergo a journey of total transformation.


Working with me you receive:

  • Shadow work

  • Trauma healing

  • Trigger responses

  • Inner Child work

  • Disease & etheric field

  • Emotions & connection to physical pain

  • Boundaries

  • Money blocks

  • Past life attachments

  • Cord cutting 

  • Reiki, Golden Ray & Angelic Healings

  • Heal generational & ancestral trauma

  • Meditations with Activations & Attunements upgrading your DNA

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special offer

This course is usually $1980!! Save a whopping $1425 before your Deep Healing SOUL Transformation has even began.

Payment Plans available. Enter your transformation and select which payment option suits you.

What your Deep Healing Soul Transformation will do for you:

  • Manifest abundance across all levels of your being

  • Empower & allow for total unconditional love & peace into your being-ness

  • Clear, cancel, delete old programming, structures, and toxic behaviours

  • Discover your true power & awaken to your absolute sovereignty

  • Eradicate old limiting beliefs

  • Eliminate and stop recycling lower vibrational relationships in your life

  • Embody your highest most authentic self

  • Transform your past, present & future across all levels of your being

  • Receive Reiki & other healing energies throughout the course of the program each week

  • Energy with money will be transformed into high vibrational positive abundance

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Right now, you are stuck...

You are exhausted, burnt out, and tired of the same drama, repeating the same toxic relationships, working a dead-end job, and feel unfulfilled in your life.


I know, because I have been there. I have been you.

I know how much love you have to give. I know you are afraid to open your heart, and I know the walls you have built around your heart.


You are living out of fear, in survival mode, which I understand and relate to you on so many levels. What makes you special, however, is that you in this moment are taking action on your life. You recognize you have trauma, and you are ready to heal it so you can start truly living your life and making an incredible impact on the world in doing so. You have the ability to transform. Not many people make it this far. Be proud of yourself in this moment. Thank yourself for getting you here.


You will feel cleared of repressed emotions & painful memories, seeing yourself & your experiences in a new light, feeling lighter, at peace with yourself connected to all there is.


You have suffered enough. You did not come to this Earth to suffer. No time for that. You came here to realize how special you are, how unique you are, how powerful you are, and to find your way back to Source by evolving your Soul.


When you have un-healed trauma, it literally festers and turns into physical pain later in life. I was told my trauma would eventually have led to Bowel Cancer if I didn't take accountability for my healing and my life in that moment. I changed the course of my life and you can too.


Many people go through their lives (especially the older generations) holding onto trauma, wounds, and childhood pain, suffering in silence and feeling envious of others.


You want unconditional love for yourself. You want to love yourself fully, forgive yourself, accept yourself, and welcome love in.

My Deep Healing Soul Transformation course will get you here. My energy, my healing, my experience, knowledge and wisdom will get you manifesting the life you desire.  

special offer

This course is usually $1980!! Save a whopping $1425 before your Deep Healing SOUL Transformation has even began.

Payment Plans available. Enter your transformation and select which payment option suits you.

You are WORTHY.


Your higher self knows this and is trying to gently show you, by giving you little nudges here and there. That is how you found my course. There are no coincidences in this world. 


Everything is divine guidance.  All around you speaks to you through feeling.


You are worthy.  You deserve peace.  You deserve to be free.  You deserve love.  You are pure Divine love. 


You are the divine spark and now you are ready to let it explode out of YOU.

You are ready to heal, you are ready to transform, you are ready to change your life.

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About Ellie...

Quantum Energy Healer

Founder of iHEAL Quantum Healing Technique

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My purpose is to anchor in the light through healing.  I move you into a higher vibration spiritually, so that you are receiving guidance, communicating daily with your higher-self, manifesting and creating your reality of happiness, & total abundance.


My divinely guided & deeply sacred course gently carries you into the void, embracing unhealed trauma, bringing these to the surface so we can understand the origin, clear & heal trauma entirely.

Leading to total transformation of your being at Soul level across all aspects of your multidimensional self.


Many healing modalities, especially clinical counseling, only provide surface level healing. Working with me, you heal your Soul and integrate your higher self. This is why it is so sacred for you.


Included in this special course, are one on one sessions with me AND full support throughout with me personally.


Most people are aware they have traumas but sadly are unable to accept, take ownership of their present reality, and be willing to make real changes to their lives for the better.


This is why many people see healers for (Reiki) with no real impact in the long term as deep down they aren’t willing to heal and change for their highest good. This can be costly and break the bank with no real outcome.


Healing truly begins with YOU being willing to transform.


If you are ready to transform, to heal and love every cell in your body, leading to manifesting abundance in your inner & outer worlds, then my Deep Healer Soul Transformation is for you.


Ellie xx


special offer

This course is usually $1980!! Save a whopping $1425 before your Deep Healing SOUL Transformation has even began.

Payment Plans available. Enter your transformation and select which payment option suits you.


Transmuted past traumas, collective traumas, and ancestral traumas.  These will now be your driving force to heal others, aligning you with a higher calling.

Shadow and Ego who will be working alongside you now (something that can often take years to master) and you will be fully connected to the Goddess Archetypes, with the ability to call them in for further healing and activations.


Relationships with everyone will profoundly change, your connection to nature and the world around you will blossom, and your connection to self will be strong.

Living in peace with yourself.  Proud of who you are and how far you have come.  You recognise how beautiful and powerful you are.  Empowered to help others aspire to feel the same.  Manifesting will happen quickly for you as you will be able to identify blocks, how to clear and release them.

Money blocks healed and cleared allowing you to manifest faster, and bringing in money from varied avenues.  Your relationship with money will be transformed.

You will identify chakra imbalances, & perform self healing using your own energy & Source.

Transformed, transmuted, and cleared energetic imprints blocking you from receiving abundance & healing.  Your awareness and connection to self and Spirit will be strengthened more than ever before. 

You will be completely embodying a deeper truth.  A total sense of "Being-ness" as you come into total Self love, self-respect, and self-worth.  With this, you will begin to draw new people into your life, better experiences, and more prosperity and happiness.

You will want to heal others; you will wake up to your innate gift of wanting to help set other people free from pain. As human beings, we have a natural instinct to heal.

You will have gained a newfound level of gratitude for who you are, what you have achieved, and be all powerful in who you truly are at Soul level. You will revel in this, and you will want to show the world who you truly are and make a beautiful impact in doing so.  This is how you begin to hear your true calling.

Your heart will have expanded to a whole new level of being, and you will be a magnet for manifesting your dreams. You will no longer be interested in entertaining those toxic, who do not serve your highest good.

HAPPY.  In a state of 5D & beyond.

Seeing your life from a higher perspective, seeing those that have wronged you through the eyes of compassion & understanding.  Setting healthy boundaries for yourself & others leading to new-found respect within and without.

Holding Hands



  • Your life overview - what have you experienced and where you are now?

  • Realise your life lessons.

  • Ego & product conditioning & programming

  • Releasing dense stagnant energy - powerful, potent energy work.

  • Meet your Inner child & receive inner child energy healing.


  • Release blocks preventing you from manifesting the life you desire, including money block activations

  • Shadow work intensive - heal, balance & integrate

  • Channel & meet your divine higher-self

  • Goddess work

  • Chakras & how to identify discord, bring back into balance & become master self healer.

Weeks 9-13

  • Your Divine Feminine & Masculine

  • Energy Healings with the Golden Ray (highest vibration of creation) Reiki & energies for your highest good.

  • Cords ceremony

  • Boundaries

  • Channelled higher-self healing

  • Ongoing self-healing techniques and ceremonies takeaway.