Ascension sessions

Alternate & Past Life Regression

Exactly the same as Quantum Healing Hypnosis minus the 2 hour Life Review.
Ideal for:
returning QHH & Past Life Regression clients,
unable to commit to the full 5 hours but still want an incredibly transformative session,
or Starseeds & Healers looking to seriously level up, 
accelerate & strengthen psychic gifts & abilities!

Full Ascension mentoring sessions run for 3 hours.

You're interested in Quantum Healing Hypnosis, but maybe unable to commit to the full 5 hours, or you are confident that you don't have traumas from earlier in your present life that you haven't yet healed from. But you know you are ready to level up!

You want to deep dive straight into your past lives and/or meet with your Soul family and access, realise & activate your spiritual psychic gifts.

Maybe you're awakened and activated in your spiritual psychic gifts.

Now you want to level up, rapidly accelerate your growth, spiritually expand, and turbo charge your gifts.


You are a Starseed or Lightwarrior looking to discover, access & fully embody your psychic gifts.

You will absolutely benefit from taking these sessions. 

They are extremely powerful in opening up your channel even further to receive divine guidance from different realms and connecting you with your Soul tribe so that you can fully embody your gifts and fulfil your soul mission here on Mother Earth. 

Access hidden codes buried deep within your DNA, unlock, access and fully tap into them.


Working similar to your Quantum Healing session, with the exception that instead of going into the past, you go anywhere and meeting with whoever comes forth.

Meaning - go anywhere in the cosmos; realms, dimensions, planets, energies and channeling Spiritual Guides, Teachers, Angels, Galactic beings, Soul family, & Higher Self.


Some of my clients are taking to lifetimes that need clearing, others meet archangels and spirit guides where they receive energetic upgrades & spiritual psychic development and Soul Expansion.

I have connected with many beings via the sitter (you) some of which are known to us as Andromedan, Pleiadean, The Golden Ray, The Agarthans, Lyran & the Archangels. 
These mentoring sessions are for those of you that are aware of you have specific gifts or rather are becoming aware & would like mentoring as to how to really hone in on your abilities & how to share them with the world to create a Soul aligned business in being of service to others and breaking free from the Matrix. 

My Soul family are with the Angels, The Golden Ray, Andromedan & Lyran beings. I also work with Goddess energy assisting with those in need of Divine Feminine energy work. I especially work with Goddess Artemis & Goddess Persephone energies.


As the sessions develop and the more you continue to work with me, the stronger your channeling and connection to Spirit becomes. These sessions provide channelings, healings, clearings, past life work, activations & tools to assist you align with your higher calling and fully embody your true Spiritual self. Each and every session is completely unique to you.


They are extremely potent & powerful for you.  You will be opening your energy up to the higher realms, opening and activating your third eye & connecting with beings from different worlds. 


I advise two weeks in between sessions.  This is to allow your activations and the energies to integrate & give you time to practice connecting with your team.

These sessions are dedicated to Starseeds, Healers, Lightworkers, and ALL those looking to develop

their abilities, activate DNA, aligning with their higher calling helping to fulfil their mission here on Earth.

All sessions are online only.

Message to Starseeds:

I assist you in aligning your energies to fulfilling your higher purpose & mission here on earth. 

I help you clear blocks, attachments, & lifetimes that are preventing you from fully accessing your abilities in being of service to humanity and all life on earth. 

I activate and help bring your abilities online and help you fully connect to your Spiritual team and higher beings.  I take you where you need to go (portals / parallel timelines etc. through my ascension sessions.)

As a Starseed, my abilities were always there but really came online about 10 years ago when I arrived in Australia. Something happened and bam – I woke to a higher calling. I didn’t have much guidance at the time, which has now helped me fulfil my own mission in being a guide for Starseeds.

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All sessions are online only lovelies. My sessions get booked very quickly and it means people miss out on times and dates. So please ensure you understand these are online only.
No refunds will be given for change of mind or failure to understand these are online only.
Thank you for understanding and much love xx