Holding Hands

Career & relationship coach
with Divine Angelic Assistance

  • Career coaching, counselling & guidance

  • Break out of the matrix with step by step guidance on how to build your brand & launch your career

  • Inspired action & mindset transformation from a lacking vibration to abundance

  • Everything you need to start your business and get it off the ground

  • Tools and techniques to ensure your business thrives 

  • Clear, cancel, delete old programming, structures, and toxic behaviors that are blocking you from energetically aligning with your career goals and path

  • Scale your business and level up

  • Relationship guidance

  • Remove self-sabotaging beliefs and let go of control​

  • Energy healing - energy work - clearings - activations intertwined​

  • Transformative - heal energetically whilst receiving coaching & guidance​

  • Safe sacred space for you to express, release, heal, and nurture

  • Feel empowered, motivated and inspired to take action on your life right away

  • Allow for total unconditional love & peace into your being

  • Eradicate old limiting beliefs

  • Eliminate and stop recycling lower vibrational relationships in your life

  • Embody your highest most authentic self


Career & Business

You have a business idea that you would like to bring to life, but no idea how.  Your dream is to be your own boss but something is blocking you from taking inspired action.

You need a career coach. 

Bring your ideas into fruition and manifest your ultimate dream by escaping the matrix and working for yourself. Not just this, but truly thriving being in alignment with your higher purpose, receiving abundance in all forms, happy and full of life.

You could be an energy healer but not attracting enough clients, struggling with google ads, and getting no where, or if you are lacking in skills with content creation and social media networking...

You need a career coach.

I will bring your idea to life. I will help you level up and scale your business. I will provide you the tools and techniques you need to organically grow your business and attract & retain the right clients for you.

Not only this, but you will also receive energy work & Angelic assistance with clearing, cancelling & deleting old vows, contracts, and blocks created preventing you from energetically being in alignment with your higher purpose so that you can move into a higher vibration and in a state of receivingReceiving clients, receiving money, receiving gratitude for your work.

Book your ongoing fortnightly sessions with me and scale up today.

Relationship Counselling

You are feeling energetically stuck in a relationship or finding that you are repeating the same toxic relationships over and over.

You need relationship counselling. 

Heal earlier traumas that are blocking you from moving into a higher vibration with love and partnerships. Clear energetic cords, vows, and contracts made in other lifetimes that are preventing you from opening up to love, and receiving love.

If you are feeling trapped, wanting to experience love, joy and happiness but cant seem to find a way to achieve this...

You need relationship counselling.

When I work with you to transform yourself, your relationships with others and yourself, and move you into a higher vibration, you feel it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually right from our very first session.

Open your channel up to receiving new perspectives and understanding for everything that has happened to you and why it has happened.

Receive new mindsets, new techniques and tools that you can use right away to begin transforming your energy with love.

Break from free toxic relationships, and watch your inner and outer worlds transform.


Transformation & Results

· You will have transmuted past traumas, collective traumas, and ancestral traumas.  These will now be your driving force to heal others aligning you with a higher calling.

· You will have integrated your Shadow and Ego who will be working alongside you now (something that can often take years to master) and you will be fully connected to the Goddess Archetypes, with the ability to call them in for further healing and activations.


· You will have transformed, transmuted, and cleared energetic imprints blocking you from receiving abundance & healing.  Your awareness and connection to self and Spirit will be strengthened more than ever before. 

· You will be completely embodying a deeper truth.  A total sense of "Being-ness" as you come into total Self love, self-respect, and self-worth.  With this, you will begin to draw new people into your life, better experiences, and more prosperity and happiness.

· Relationships with everyone will profoundly change, your connection to nature and the world around you will blossom, and your connection to self will be strong.


· Your heart will have expanded to a whole new level of being, and you will be a magnet for manifesting your dreams. You will no longer be interested in entertaining those toxic, who do not serve your highest good.


· You will have gained a newfound level of gratitude for who you are, what you have achieved, and be all powerful in who you truly are at Soul level. You will revel in this, and you will want to show the world who you truly are and make a beautiful impact in doing so.  This is how you begin to hear your true calling.

· Ultimately leading to becoming your own aspiration, You will be the change people aspire too.

You will lead those around you to heal, and awaken them to their own higher calling.

Who ever thought their own traumas and past life attachments, could actually be their destiny and higher purpose in this life?  This is your incredible POWER.  This is your Gift!  You are a HEALER, and the World needs YOU!  Your magnificent TOOLS!

This is your true SOVEREIGNTY and your true PURPOSE.

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