Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Alternate & Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Evolved & Expanded method of QHH with
  • Activate your divine remembrance
  • Remove blocks so you can access & fully realize your psychic gifts.
  • Level up, accelerate and expand your consciousness.
  • Transform your entire life.
  • NOW OFFERING 2 PART SESSIONS! Split your session up to save you time!
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Your trauma, energetic blocks, unhealed lifetimes & timelines, and programming are stopping you from realizing and accessing your psychic gifts.

This can take YEARS to achieve but can be done in one session with me.

I give you the energy you need to unlock your gifts within your DNA.

  • Activate dormant psychic, telepathic, channeling, & mediumship gifts.

  • Discover past lives, future lives, parallel lives.

  • Learn how special, gifted & unique you truly are.

  • Clear past life attachments, vows, contracts & beliefs that are affecting you in this lifetime.

  • Heal physical, emotional, mental, spiritual pains if it is ready to be cleared & healed energetically

  • Channel your higher self, spirit guides & beings of light here to guide you on your journey.

  • Gain clarity on your purpose & how to fulfil it.

  • Have longing questions on your existence & the collective answered.

  • Whatever is in your highest good will be shown.

All sessions are online.

If booking 2 parts, once payment has been made you will be able to lock in two sessions in the calendar. I would recommend leaving it no later than 2 weeks in between sessions. 1st session will be your life review, questions review & intention setting. The 2nd session will be the full hypnosis regression, higher self channeling & healing.


QHHT, Quantum Healing, Past Life Regression, Psychic

It was through my own experience in quantum healing, that led me to learning this incredibly powerful healing modality to be able to help others and others alike.

Now I teach the same qualification so that you can become a practitioner.


Time travel and discover who you were in past lifetimes. Meet your past, parallel or future. Whatever is in your highest good, that your higher self would like you to meet, heal & clear, you will be shown.


Discover who you are at Soul Level. What you never thought possible...Quantum Healing is an incredible journey.


Providing you with deep healing getting to the root causes of pain at Quantum Level, often carried over from past lives. Healing across all timelines, spaces, dimensions & all aspects of your being Past Present & Future, mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual.


You may have recurring emotional and mental pain that you are unable to verify where it came from, you may have physical symptoms and issues that seem to never go away. When you experience quantum healing, you discover the root causes of these issues, the lessons learnt in having these, and with the assistance of your higher self or spiritual team, we work to remove, unblock, and heal these pains, often removing them entirely, if your higher self confirms you are ready.  You may also receive activations, upgrades, downloads, anything that is required to assist you in fulfilling your life purpose & bringing out your psychic & mediumship gifts.

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My first experience...

My first ever experience, I was nervous, and didn’t know what to expect but the thought of healing AND seeing who I was in a past life was super EXCITING!  Little did I know the truly deep level of healing that would come from it and what direction it would take me in.   

I had serious issues with my gut for years, certain foods would trigger painful cramps, and I was in pain all the time. 

I was at breaking point and was rapidly becoming depressed.  One of my questions to ask my Higher Self during the session was about this issue, and how to remove it.  The first part of the session is a talk, a talk about my life where I had to go deep and open up about all my experiences, the traumas and people that have affected me.  It was difficult but I was comfortable and in a beautifully sacred safe space. 

I learnt that my trauma had been the very reason why I was experiencing physical pain, and was advised that had I not have been prepared to fix this, it may have led to a very serious dis-ease in the future.  After this part of the session, I was then put under a light hypnosis and revisited some lifetimes that were affecting me in this lifetime, I was also shown an earlier time in my current life that was deeply affecting me in a very negative way.  Healing soon commenced on my entire being, I met & channeled my higher self. 

I discovered my Starseed origins and opened my connection to my galactic family. I discovered I was a twin flame and activated dormant psychic gifts from other lifetimes to use fully in my present life.

It was a sacred experience.

It was a the single most rewarding experience of my entire life.  Overnight, my physical pain with my bowels was GONE.  It hasn’t been back since, and if I do experience a slight pain, I can identify what it is caused by and release it.

With this experience, I wanted to help others.  To help you do the exact same which I why I became a Practitioner myself.

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What you can expect:

Quantum healing hypnosis alternate & past life regression involves being placed into a light hypnosis similar to a dream state, where you typically visit some past lifetimes that are usually affecting you in this current life.  It's healing across all levels - your mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual, and across all timelines, universes, dimensions.  I say typically because no session is the same.  For your higher self will always only show you what is in your highest good at that time.  So you may be shown times in your current life, future timelines, or even pure source.  As an example, one of my client's was shown a lifetime off planet, a lifetime here on Earth as a Healer, and then shown herself as a Child in this lifetime.


Your higher self will show you what is currently affecting you, and aim to clear it.  Once you are shown these experiences, your higher self is then typically called in (and again I say typically as no session is the same, and you may have ascended masters or other beings looking to work with you during that session) we conduct a body scan, working through physical, emotional, mental & spiritual pains, clear, heal & balance (if it's in your highest good) and work through questions you have longed to be answered.  


These sessions are incredibly powerful, insightful, with deep rooted healing on all levels of your being

FYI:  The average cost of a QHT with a qualified practitioner should be between $480-$650 and take approx. 4-5 hours.  if there are others offering the same service for cheaper and in under this amount of time, please check with your intuition and ensure you are happy with your decision.  Cheap can often lead to more expense later.  quantum healing is incredibly powerful & should be done with the highest care & in the highest vibration.

this is about your ascension and is absolutely sacred work to be conducted by those of the highest intentions within the highest vibration.

"Simply put, it is near impossible to truly help others & work with different energies if you are in pain, carrying lifetimes of trauma, and old programming and beliefs inhibiting your Soul’s ascension.

You can’t ever expect to receive downloads, activations, DNA upgrades; if you are also carrying beliefs, contracts, attachments that aren’t serving your highest good in the present. As an example, through my own Past life regression; I discovered in one of my Earth incarnations that I was a Native American Indian woman.

In this lifetime I had told my Tribe Chief that I wanted to take a certain path (literally) but he didn’t believe that I would survive and said my intuition was wrong.


And so, in this lifetime I had been by passing my intuition and not fully connecting to it, as I had the belief that it wouldn’t keep me safe, that I had to seek approval of higher authority. Since I have received this clearing, my connection to self, to my intuition is stronger than ever. I trust myself and allow it to guide me throughout my day.

Not only this but regression allows you to heal traumas from current life that have led to physical pain including dis-ease. We all know by now that all disease stems from repressed emotions. Caused from trauma in current and past lifetimes. It is absolutely crucial to your spiritual development that you unravel these, clear these negative dark clouds of energy out of your being so that you can begin bringing in new energies that are aligned to your higher purpose. Higher beings are high vibrational, and it is impossible for them to come in and provide you guidance if you are operating at a low frequency. So, clearing out the old is imperative to your development and mission here on Earth.

And what an important time we are in right now.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regression should be every Healer, Starseed, and Lightworkers No1 of Spiritual development sessions to do."

All sessions are online.

If booking 2 parts, once payment has been made you will be able to lock in two sessions in the calendar. I would recommend leaving it no later than 2 weeks in between sessions. 1st session will be your life review, questions review & intention setting. The 2nd session will be the full hypnosis regression, higher self channeling & healing.

All sessions are online only lovelies. My sessions get booked very quickly and it means people miss out on times and dates. So please ensure you understand these are online only.No refunds will be given for change of mind or failure to understand these are online only.Thank you for understanding and much love xx