Holding Hands

Guidance & Counselling

Signature sessions

Pure guidance & counselling within the energy of Angelic beings & Christ Consciousness

Assistance with removing self-sabotaging beliefs and letting go of control

Energy healing - energy work - clearings - activations intertwined

Transformative work - heal energetically whilst receiving counselling

Safe sacred space for you to express, release, heal, and nurture

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counselling & guidance

These are my signature sessions and were created from absolute divine guidance from my team of angels.

Being very connected to the angelic realm, I am surrounded by the angels and have been working with them lifetime after lifetime providing guidance and counsel to people looking for space in which to heal, express, grow, and release in a safe space.  You will receive love & support in the energy of Angels.

Counselling & Guidance with:

  • Relationships

  • Partnerships

  • Family

  • Abuse & Trauma

  • Spiritual 

  • life

  • Career

  • Healing

My light is so powerful that before each session, I embody my angels so they channel through to right frequency, energy & vibration that you need at that exact moment for your highest good.  The energy of Angels comes through my words & vibration that is the exact healing needed for your highest good during your session.  I become the embodiment of the Angelics to give you what you need through pure love and support.

Channeling & embodying the pure Divine Angelic Council of Light to assist you on your path and healing journey.⁠

These sessions allow you to open up to receive healing on a multidimensional level through words, energy healing, and of course channeled Angelic guidance.⁠

If you feel energetically stuck, relationship woes, trauma & abuse, family, personal pains that you would like angelic guidance on, this is absolutely dedicated to YOU.⁠

My purpose is to be of service to you.⁠
My sessions are completely unique, niche, and my signature offering.⁠

You will not find another session like this elsewhere.  This form of session was created through meditation & connection to my Angels.  They advised me to offer this above all else.  Trust your intuition, if you were guided here - trust it.   This is no coincidence.  You are meant to be here and receive this counsel in the highest form from the highest most vibrational beings of all.

Have you been to a counsellor, but the advice given is too logical?  Too left brain analytical?  Putting you in the same category as everyone else?  Do you feel labelled & judged after each session, feeling more confused than before?


This session is ideal for you.

All guidance is channelled in the purest form.  My energy alone, provides you comfort & healing.  I am surrounded by Angels, all of which are ready & waiting to heal & guide you through your darkest times.  They will help you see your light, feel your light, and stand in your light.

They will connect you to your higher self and own team of Angels.  They will show you a way out of your problems.  They will help you recognise the beauty within you and help you to shine your radiance onto others.

There is always another choice.  You have the power to create your reality.  Take the opportunity to cease the day and take back your sovereignty.

You are the Divine spark, you are Spirit, and you are a walking Angel.

Don’t choose to suffer anymore.

Listen to your intuition, hear its whisper & answer to your Soul's calling.

Angelic guidance & counselling awaits you, my love.


This is the single most profound energy healing I have ever been able to offer. In every session, we go on a journey of total transformation at Soul level.


  • Heal at Soul level

  • Empower & allow for total unconditional love & peace into your being-ness

  • Clear, cancel, delete old programming, structures, and toxic behaviours

  • Discover your true power & awaken to your absolute sovereignty

  • Eradicate old limiting beliefs

  • Eliminate and stop recycling lower vibrational relationships in your life

  • Embody your highest most authentic self

  • Transform your past, present & future across all levels of your being

  • Receive Angelic, Christ Consciousness & other healing energies (including but not limited to Reiki) when guided to do so.

You want more from life. You know there is more, you are craving peace, fulfilment, happiness. But you fear that you will never receive this.

You realize that all your past relationships have ended badly and now feel unworthy, ungrounded, and suffer with low self-esteem.

You:  “well I have always had the same relationships so it must be me.” You are recycling the same relationships…always attracting the same person that trigger aspects of you that you are ashamed to reveal.                                                                                                    
This is a sure sign that you have deep rooted trauma, that you MUST HEAL.                                                                                                    

Until then, you will always be wounded and triggered at the slightest inconvenience.​You are envious that others seem to have it “easy.”                                                                                                    
You crave self-confidence, you long for the ability to see the beauty in yourself and all that is around you, but you struggle to understand how.                                                                                                    
I want you to know…that’s okay.  Its okay that you feel this way.  But I also want you to know, you are WORTHY.  Your higher self knows this and is trying to gently show you, by giving you little nudges here and there.  That is how you found my website.  There are no coincidences in this world.  Everything is divine guidance.  All around you speaks to you through feeling.                                                                                                     
You are worthy.  You deserve peace.  You deserve to be free.  You deserve love.  You are pure Divine love.  You are the divine spark and now you are ready to let it explode out of YOU.                                                                                                    
You are ready to heal, you are ready to transform, you are ready to change your life.         

Sessions are 1.5 hours

Each session is $222

If you book the package of 10 sessions, you recieve one of those sessions free.  Saving you $222

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More Transformation & Results

Overtime you will find:

· You will have transmuted past traumas, collective traumas, and ancestral traumas.  These will now be your driving force to heal others aligning you with a higher calling.

· You will have integrated your Shadow and Ego who will be working alongside you now (something that can often take years to master) and you will be fully connected to the Goddess Archetypes, with the ability to call them in for further healing and activations.


· You will have transformed, transmuted, and cleared energetic imprints blocking you from receiving abundance & healing.  Your awareness and connection to self and Spirit will be strengthened more than ever before. 

· You will be completely embodying a deeper truth.  A total sense of "Being-ness" as you come into total Self love, self-respect, and self-worth.  With this, you will begin to draw new people into your life, better experiences, and more prosperity and happiness.

· Relationships with everyone will profoundly change, your connection to nature and the world around you will blossom, and your connection to self will be strong.


· Your heart will have expanded to a whole new level of being, and you will be a magnet for manifesting your dreams. You will no longer be interested in entertaining those toxic, who do not serve your highest good.


· You will have gained a newfound level of gratitude for who you are, what you have achieved, and be all powerful in who you truly are at Soul level. You will revel in this, and you will want to show the world who you truly are and make a beautiful impact in doing so.  This is how you begin to hear your true calling.

· Ultimately leading to becoming your own aspiration, You will be the change people aspire too.

You will lead those around you to heal, and awaken them to their own higher calling.

Who ever thought their own traumas and past life attachments, could actually be their destiny and higher purpose in this life?  This is your incredible POWER.  This is your Gift!  You are a HEALER, and the World needs YOU!  Your magnificent TOOLS!

This is your true SOVEREIGNTY and your true PURPOSE.