Answer to your Soul's calling

 12-24 week Spiritual development & teachings mentorship course. 

  • Activate your psychic & mediumship abilities

  • Open your channel to your spiritual team and bring through messages from the divine

  • Energy healing - channelling - mediumship - intuitive development - akashic records activations - astral travel training

  • Embody a higher frequency and manifest your future

  • Everything you need to create your own soul aligned business sharing your gifts  

For the Starseeds & Lightworkers.
For the Healers and those born to do more in the world. 
You are all lightwarriors.


Are you seeking to develop your Spiritual abilities and start a Soul aligned business in being of service to others?  This is the course for you! 

I teach you how to Energy Heal, how to Channel, Psychic training, Spiritual and Mediumship development.  Leading to total embodiment of your higher self and higher purpose.


You are intuitive, you feel energy, you have a gift of empathy and find people are drawn to you for healing in some form or another.  You are great at giving advice and full of wisdom that draws others to you.

You have multidimensional perspectives where others have one.  You are deeply connected to spirit, and you can intuitively feel what others need at that time for healing, a real life Spirit guide if you will.

You have a gift to share with the world and those around you. You are full of life, and when you speak people listen.  You raise the frequency of those around you without understanding how but you assist people in connecting to their own inner wisdom and act as a bridge between the spiritual & physical.

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One on one mentoring with me where you will evolve your Spiritual development, deepen your intuition & strengthen your psychic abilities.  If you are a Starseed & Lightworker, you will really benefit from taking these sessions.  They are extremely powerful in opening up your channel to receive divine guidance from different realms and connecting you with your Soul tribe so that you can fully embody your gifts and fulfil your soul mission here on Mother Earth.

Accelerate your ascension by learning how to work with different beings and calling them in for specific purposes.  Whether you are looking to deepen your connection to different beings, receive clearings from other lifetimes and release attachments, Akashic record, or even Astral travelling; this session is for you.  Every session is completely tailored to you and your needs.

No session is the same, and I connect in with my own team before each session for guidance as to what we are focusing on for that particular session.  One week you may wish to receive nothing but energy healing, and another week you may wish to practice Astral travelling. 
These mentoring sessions are for those of you that are aware of you have specific gifts or rather are becoming aware & would like mentoring as to how to really hone in on your abilities & how to share them with the world to create a Soul aligned business in being of service to others and breaking free from the Matrix. 

I work with the Archangels, The Golden Ray, Andromedan & Lyran beings.  I also work with the Goddesses assisting with those in need of Divine Feminine energy work.  I especially work with Goddess Artemis & Goddess Persephone.  As the sessions develop and the more you continue to work with me, the stronger your channeling and connection to Spirit becomes.  I will provide channelings, healings, clearings, past life work, activations & tools to assist you align with your higher calling and fully embody your true Spiritual self.  Each and every session is completely unique to you.  They run for one hour and are extremely potent & powerful for you.  You will be opening your energy up to the higher realms, opening and activating your third eye & connecting with beings from different worlds. 


I advise a week in between sessions.  This is to allow your activations and the energies to integrate & give you time to practice connecting with your team.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Have clear direction on your purpose AND be in alignment to fulfil it

  • Set the course for your career in healing through energy work, psychic or mediumship.

  • Developed advanced mediumship & channelling abilities.

  • Connect with own Spiritual Team, Soul & Galactic family.

  • Meet, channel & integrate higher self, the Golden Ray & the ArchAngels.

  • Recognise energy changes within body, becoming attuned to the energy around you.

  • Learn how to cancel, clear & delete old programs, attachments & negative energies for yourself & others.

  • Learn how to work with your own energy to clear physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual pain bodies

  • Identify energy blocks & how to clear them.

  • Greater psychic awareness & abilities

  • Identify your own unique gifts & how to use them in the world.

  • Recognise when your divine masculine & feminine energies are unbalanced & how to bring them into harmony.

  • Manifesting abundance in all areas of your life especially wealth & love.

Transformation & Benefits

How does working with me change your life?

From your very first session with me, you will receive activations that will open your energy to receiving guidance from Source.  As this happens, you will find that everything you have ever been through, all experiences good and bad will make total sense. 

You will be able to make better decisions, have clarity in all that you experience, and trust your perception.  You will no longer feel alone but empowered as you feel your entire spiritual team around you and within in you guiding you every moment of each day.  You will be able to interpret messages from the higher realms accurately, removing all self-doubt with increased empathy & compassion for humanity as they are today.

As you will be in alignment with Source, with your purpose and destiny; you will be MANIFESTING faster than ever before.  This is something to get very excited about!  You will be blown away at how much you manifest because you will have open and activated your crown & third eye so that you can receive the frequency of abundance.  You will have cleared away limiting beliefs, and brain fog created during your incarnation.  With all this new space, your team will be downloading, & activating your Spiritual psychic gifts, and you will feel powerful.

Karmic lessons will be easily recognized as you see the beauty in all that you experience, enlightening and speeding up your soul’s evolution.  With all your learnings, you will be able to take this new wisdom, mold into your own method of teaching and create your new soul aligned business in being of service to others, breaking away from the matrix monetizing your gifts.

Spiritually speaking, you will be seeing things differently, you will feel and discern who is around you; from your Guides to your Angels, to your Ancestors & passed loved ones.  If you are a Starseed, then you will connect with your own Starseed family, learn your lineage and channel the ascended masters here guiding you on your mission.

As your third eye opens, you will see sparkles of light out your physical eyes, you may hear, feel, and smell spirit and higher beings around you as they connect.  It is truly the most astonishingly beautiful feeling; I can’t quite describe in words the unconditional love you experience each and every day when you embody this higher frequency and your spiritual gifts.

You will feel excitement for your new gifts and want to share them with the world.  You will be alchemizing your energy to transmute, transform, heal & clear others, and you will become an inspiration to those seeking guidance.  Before you know it, Source will be sending you people that need your assistance, people that are aligned to your energy and only you can help them.


How does it change your money situation?

I will provide you with past life clearings preventing you from receiving abundance in this life.  There may be previous vows made with money, we will investigate and clear if needed.  Earlier beliefs and programming that you have been conditioned with since you were in your Mother’s womb will be healed and cleared.  With these powerful clearings, you will view money in a totally new way.  Positively in love with money and open to receiving abundance.  No longer in the lacking frequency, you will be in 5D frequency and as the law of the universe – the frequency you give out is what you receive.  In your new frequency you can only receive abundance.

How does it change your personal relationships?

This is a gamechanger!  As you become more spiritually advanced, as you feel more powerful, more in alignment with your higher self; you will feel incredible unconditional love for yourself.  What happens when you enter this frequency?  You R.E.P.E.L those that do not serve your highest good and enters in people that are ALIGNED to you.  That have that same unconditional love for you.  It’s the law of the universe, law of attraction – as within, so without!  It is impossible to be in a high vibrational frequency and be attracting those that aren’t.  You will move away from gossip and low vibrational empty unfulfilling conversations, and transcend to higher vibrational, deeper, uplifting and connecting conversations with people.  Before long, you will find your T.R.I.B.E.

Along the way, I have found my tribe and you may even become part of mine…its funny how Source sends us people that we have usually have previous incarnations with and have contracted in this lifetime to help each other.  Acting as Human Being physical guides on the Earth plain.  How beautiful is knowing this? 

If you are in a healthy partnership, she or he will see the difference within you.  They will continue to uplift you, encourage you, and guide you further.  Your relationship will become even more fruitful as you balance each other and form a truly deeper connection that goes beyond the physical 3D.

If you are in a toxic relationship then you will become distant as you value your self worth, as your guides encourage you to take a leap of faith and guide you to leave them, knowing you are NEVER alone and feeling this on a Soul level.  Spurring you to move forward and don’t look back.

You will have connected in with the Goddesses and Gods, who will embody you at darker times to assist you, heal and activate your own Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energies.

You will emit a light that no one can see with their physical eyes yet sense this beautiful energy coming off you, they will feel drawn to open up to you, they will feel safe, secure and aspire to you.

Your boss will notice a significant change within you as you move from disempowered and undervalued to respecting yourself and standing in your true sovereignty.  They can and will only have to match this energy and respect you and see you in a different light.

When you notice this, it only encourages you to further develop your spiritual knowledge within our sessions.  It is simply magical!


How does it affect your career / business?

If you haven’t already clicked on; you were BORN with a higher purpose.  You have a mission to be of service to humanity and help our Mother Earth raise her consciousness.  I will say it again as I have said it a gazillion times – you were NOT born to be a S.L.A.V.E to economy, to the matrix, to the control.  You have been incarnated and CHOSE to exist in this very time to BREAK free from it and break others around you free from it.  How else can you do this than embodying your psychic, mediumship and spiritual gifts, and creating a Soul aligned business in sharing and monetizing your abilities?  My course takes you through this ascension.  Source will bring you people that are here to learn from you.  Why?  Because it is your destiny.  You have your Soul calling out to you, that’s why you have been drawn by your spiritual team to me.  That’s why you are reading my page now.  You have been guided by Source to answer to your Soul’s calling and create your new life.  You were born to manifest and live in abundance.  You deserve this and SO MUCH MORE. 

2021 is your year of transformation.  Break away from limiting beliefs, and tear down old structures.  Set yourself free and embody your true higher calling in every way.



How does it affect your Spiritual connection?

You will have transformed from feeling so alone in the world, like you don’t belong (and its true – most of us Starseeds feel we don’t belong because we aren’t originally from Earth.  And that’s okay, we find and form our tribe along our journey) to feeling totally empowered and likely connected to:

Your Higher Self - Your Angels - Your Spiritual Guides - Ascended masters - Gods - Goddesses - Shadow & Inner Child - Spiritual Teachers - Higher beings of the Cosmos - Star Family


These are just some of the types of beings waiting to connect with you.  My two main Guides are called Oracle and Leo.  Oracle represents my Divine Feminine and of Pleiadean origins.  Leo is her twin flame, and represents my Divine Masculine.  He comes to me in Egyptian form with an elongated skull and of Nefertiti lineage.  Both are not originally from Earth, and have been guiding me throughout my life and will always continue to be by my side.  They are my best friends, and my twin flame and I’s best friends outside of this plain.  We are super connected but boy have we been through an immense journey.  Oracle and Leo have had to work on their own connection as they continue to guide me.  You too will learn of your guides as your develop through my course.  You will access your Akashic records, and find out of your true origins and potentially learn of your own galactic history.  There is absolutely no limit to what you will learn, experience and gain as you develop in my course, for whatever is in your highest good and what you are ready to receive will be given to you.  All you need to do is sit back, trust and W.E.L.CO.M.E them in.


How does it affect your family?

Family is an interesting topic that I absolutely love to share with you.  You see, your ancestors are with you asking and offering healing and divine guidance.  As they heal you, you help heal your lineage and heal them.  Time is only linear on Earth; it doesn’t exist in the cosmos and on the Spiritual plain.  As you heal your ancestors, you heal past present, future and parallel timelines.

It is the same concept with your physical human 3D family.  Being a starseed, lightworker, and/or psychically gifted; it is highly likely you have experienced and suffered a traumatic upbringing with some strained family relationships.  The dynamic between members may be testing and triggering for a lot of you.  It was for me, my entire life.  So I know all too well the beautiful journey you embark on as you progress on my course, with your family.

As you heal yourself, as you learn, tap into your own inner wisdom, as expansive shifts occur within your energetic field; you will begin to energetically heal your family.  Members you have had incredible turmoil with, will suddenly become easy and you wouldn’t have had to do anything physically for it to happen.  Once tense situations will become lighter, and less dense as you bring your light and share it with those around you.  I know for a lot of Starseeds, the mother daughter duo has been particularly strained.  However, you will have total understanding, empathy and compassion for your Mother eventually as you learn of her own suffering, product conditioning and programming she has had to endure before you.  Also, as you become aware of your origins and true purpose in the world, you will learn how your family all chose to incarnate with you to guide you and shape you into the healer and spiritually gifted lightworker you are about to become.  You all contracted to be here, and they chose to assist you fulfill your mission in helping humanity and Mother Earth reach a higher consciousness.


How does it affect the world around you?

Its hard to describe in words, so I am going to provide a vision.  In your minds eye, I would invite you to imagine a group of 50 people with you standing in the centre of them.  Completely enveloped in all these beautiful human beings.  However, there is a difference between you and them. 

As you progress in your spiritual ascension you become lighter, and brighter.  In fact, you are glowing with this huge golden white light, whilst the people around you are grey.  They’re still trapped in traumas, closed down 3rd eyes, and their psychic abilities lay dormant within them.

Your light sparkles, as it dances within and around you.  It feels so warm, and tingly and you feel a deep sense of total unconditional love.  Look down at your body now in your mind’s eye as you are surrounded by these gray people.  You see how bright you sparkle.  Now you begin to feel the sensations that come with your light.  Yes, there you go, open up and allow those subtle energies come through now.  As you glow, as you feel unconditional love for yourself and those around you in the group; you notice your light spreads.  Your light reflects and expands as it spreads on to those immediately surrounding you, and then it spreads further into the next group of people, and then the next, and so forth.  After a few seconds, you notice how your light has now spread to all 50 people and it feels incredible!  Those once gray, sad people are now uplifted, inspired, and excited to be next to you, to heal with you, and learn from you. 

You see, as you evolve your Soul, as you expand your Spiritual knowledge and form alliances with your Spiritual team and the cosmos, the world around you does so too!  It is not thanks to anyone else but Y.O.U. 

Millions of us Starseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Psychics, and Mediums of the world are spreading our light and changing the world around us.  Together we are assisting our Divine Mother Earth raise her consciousness, moving humanity into embracing our Divine Feminine and breaking free from old outdated patriarchal controlled society.  It is my honor to assist you fulfill your individual purpose whilst fulfilling your collective mission.

What is the ripple effect?

If you are a Mother or Father yourself with Children, I want you to know I love you, I adore you, I aspire to you.   Children are SACRED and we must protect and allow them to express their creative nature in anyway they wish.  We must nurture their abilities and provide them the tools to question the world and its current structures.  For they are our future, and they will be the ones that fully ascend Mother Earth into 5D.

Unfortunately, our current educational and medical systems have failed them.  They are programmed to think, feel and act a certain way.  Conditioning them to always worry about their future and job.  Doctors diagnose the right brain creatives as ADHD amongst other conditions and are quick to medicate them suppressing their natural state of being, leading to depression and anxiety in the future.

It is not our Teachers, or our Doctors themselves but the systems they are governed by that have failed them & us.  Though it is not without intention.  There is a very real sad intention behind keeping us indoctrinated.  And it Is because if we do find ourselves, if we do recognize our own power, and live in our true sovereignty then those who control us will ultimately loose power.

YOU however are breaking this generational chain, you will encourage your children to live from their heart, act from their heart and operate from their heart space.  Your meditations will have a ripple effect on them and soon they will learn how to quieten their mind and tap into their own unconditional love healing themselves from the inside out.  You will have a wonderfully calming positive influence on them, and you will become more understanding and remember how you felt at their age trying to figure out the world around them.  It can be scary to some.

If you have strained relationships with your Children which I know a lot of us have experienced.  Don’t worry!  This will improve as you remember what it feels like to be young and vulnerable.  Encouraging and motivating them to believe in themselves, to have a voice, to speak their needs and stand in their power as they grow older.  They will become enlightened, confident, compassionate, and full of love.

As you become your own Spiritual teacher, you find that people will gravitate to you to learn the same.  Before you know it, you will be passing on your wisdom to others through your own experiences.  When you recognize this…you have birthed a new era in your life.  Because you will have awakened the Lightworker within you, your new Soul aligned career in serving others will be laid before you.  This is when you progress into my Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regression sessions.  So, you can dig even deeper and uncover new layers upon layers of incarnations that have come together to assist you now.

Welcome to your new 5D human being-ness.


Why are you better off when you pay before I have provided any services to you?

When you pay upfront you benefit from receiving a program tailored entirely to your needs from the very outset.

When you do this, you declare and affirm to the Universe:

“Thank you for providing me the money to invest and heal myself.  I am in receiving of money, and I thank you money for healing me.”

You energetically heal a money block before you have even begun your course!    That is a huge head start for your transformation.  A truly powerful affirmation you are sending your inner self.

You are believing in yourself; you are trusting yourself and you are committing to yourself.

Mother Earth is the Divine Feminine.  We are transitioning collectively from a patriarchal society, to leading from the Divine Feminine ourselves.  That is why so much is happening across the planet at the moment.  Mother Earth is purging and removing all that no longer serves her.  Into a world of freedom, love, and compassion.  When you open and ask me to assist you on your healing transformation, you are embodying your own Divine Feminine.  You are declaring that you want support and opening up your energy to receive this support.  This moves you into the frequency of abundance.  Another incredible vibration you are sending out to the Universe and yourself.

Week 1 - 4 Overview

The energy bodies – Beliefs & Programming – Past Life clearings – Money & Abundance blocks

Debrief. Overview of your life, assistance you would like guidance with, tailoring course content specifically to you. Overview of how we are going to tap into your abilities to not only assist you but awaken to your potential of building a career in healing.


Dive deep into energy. What is energy? How your main chakras work, and the different energy bodies associated with them, how repressed emotions & mental, physical illness are caused by energetic blocks that need to be cleared so that you can heal, balance and ascend into a higher vibrational being. Full Energy healing session with me. I channel Reiki, The Golden Ray - Christ Consciousness, Seichem, Ashati, & Alsemia. Clearing, balancing & healing your entire being.


The Akashic records. What are they? Access your own and see into lifetimes that are affecting you in your current life. Heal, and clear these lifetimes so that you can align with your soul purpose.


Intentions - Money Manifesting - Law of Attraction. Align your mindset & emotions so that you can begin to manifest abundance & teach others. Learn to cancel, clear and delete old beliefs that no longer serve you. Learn how to provide releasing ceremonies & work with the Archangels to clear attachments affecting you from aligning with your Soul purpose.