Past Life Regression
with personalised vibrational Flower Remedy for Healing and Clearing Your Soul.

Sunday 17th July

Mindful AF Yoga Studio
3/333 Belgrave Gembrook Road, Emerald 

Journey into one of your Past lives that is affecting you in your present life...

Whether it be an Earth lifetime, or another'll access your own Akashic records with the assistance of your Higher Self and journey into the most significant lifetime that is affecting you negatively in your present reality.

You will enter into a journey of self discovery, deepen & strengthen your connection with yourself and understand who you are & why you are here.


Many people meet with their Soul family, meet with their Galactic Guides, the Archangels & Ascended Masters here. Who will you meet & connect with?

Discover who you were, what happened. Your lesson & your purpose.

As you go deeper and deeper into your past life, you'll learn how your experiences in that life have shaped who you are today. You'll learn how your past life has influenced every decision, action, thought & feeling in your present life.


It's here you will learn what lesson you contracted to learn in that life, that wasn't quite mastered and so you have chosen to learn it again in your present life.

You'll come to understand what your purpose was and how it's impacting your present timeline.

Heal, clear & release any vows, cords, contracts, beliefs, illnesses, and any attachments from that life that are blocking you from embodying your highest timeline now.

Heal your past life, and anything that has bled through from your past life will be released, cleared & dissolved.

Clear the lesson, and any contracts, attachments, pains, fears & phobias, shifting your energy & moving you into a higher vibrational frequency.

Activate & embody your spiritual psychic gifts.

Shift into your highest, most successful AND abundant timeline.

Work with your Higher Self and activate psychic spiritual gifts that you had wither acquired in your past life & to be awakened & used in your present life, OR activate any psychic gifts of yours that you are now ready to embody in its fullest.

With the assistance of your Higher Self and The Golden Ray & Elohim of The Golden Ray, we will align and rapidly shift your energy into your highest most successful & abundant timeline.

Receive FULL body clearing and healing with the Golden Ray & Elohim.

We wouldn't be complete without a full body healing from the Golden Ray!


The highest vibration of creation next to Source.

Ellie is one of the only healers out there that has full access to the Golden Ray because of her past lives (and the fact she's a couple of billion years old and been around the cosmos tehehe).


She will be calling them into provide you with a very powerful healing to attune your energy to the higher frequencies coming into Earth & rapidly shifting you into beyond 5D.

Two types of session now available _ 1 single session - FULL iHEAL Quantum Healing & Past

personalised vibrational flower remedy for healing and clearing

Within this incredible workshop and live healing, you will be given the opportunity to continue to heal and clear any stuck emotions, vibrations and frequencies from your energetic body by creating a personalised vibrational flower remedy that is high vibrational and aligned to your energy, activating your DNA light codes.

Flower remedies look to bring the energetic body into equilibrium. They are a form of vibrational medicine and energy, much like how we would use source energy from Reiki within the body, we use flower essences to clear and heal what our bodies are ready to let go of. 

Using this remedy after your past life healing will ensure that you are truly helping your body to continue to release the past, so you can step into your highest timeline and begin to show up as a truer expression of yourself in your current reality. Once we begin to release old programs from our bodies, our energetic containers expand, and we are ready to accept and normalise more joy and abundance.

On the night we will be tapping into our bodies subconscious to create the specific and personalised remedy for you to take home and use to solidify your past life regression and detox any lingering and stagnant emotions, vibrations and frequencies. 



8888 is the sacred number of abundance. We have purposely set it here to immediately begin working with your energy in activating your abundance so you can integrate and welcome in prosperity, wealth and abundance into your life right now.

Ellie Garnham

  • World renowned Quantum Healing Hypnosis Alternate & Past Life Regression Practitioner & Course Teacher.

  • Creator and Founder of iHEAL Technique*

  • Christ Consciousness Energy Healer working with Elohim & Golden Ray Angels. Reiki practitioner & certified.

  • Dedicated to starseed Ascension & Psychic Activations

  • iHEAL Quantum Healing now available in two styles dedicated to healing trauma & abuse or activating your spiritual psychic gifts and your Soul Purpose.


"Your trauma and unhealed past lives are causing huge energetic blocks and attachments in your present life.

These are showing up as fears, phobias, pains, disease, triggers, and so many more ways.

they are stopping you from realising and accessing your spiritual psychic gifts & living the life you dream off.

they are stopping you from being in the energy of receiving abundance, love, and happiness.

Working with me, we will Unlock your DNA & activate lightcodes buried within, 
Activate your soul remembrance and higher purpose, Quantum heal all your timelines accelerating you into your highest, most successful timeline.

Heal & free your Ancestral line, Level up, accelerate, and expand your consciousness, and of course, transform your entire life!"


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Megan Quinsee

  • Reiki Teacher

  • Founder and Leader of "THE AQUARIAN METHOD"

  • Spirituality and Manifestation Coach



My mission is to guide you back to your truest, most authentic self and show you that you have the power to attract anything you want in this lifetime. I will teach you how to embrace your spiritual side (no matter what that looks like for you) and show you how to rewire your thoughts, allowing you to release all that holds you back so you can up level your life.


I’m passionate about giving incredible women like you power in their day-to-day. I want to help you realise that by using the basics of manifestation and trusting in the Law of Attraction (and yourself) that you can, without a doubt, live life on your terms.

These abilities are accessible to everyone, and once you decide to tap into your spiritual side, you will see how much of a positive impact it has on you and your loved ones."




8888 is the sacred number of abundance. We have purposely set it here to immediately begin working with your energy in activating your abundance so you can integrate and welcome in prosperity, wealth and abundance into your life right now.