My galactic story

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I am a Starseed with angelic DNA, a second wave volunteer and twin flame. I originate from the Lyra Constellation as a Lion being who made headdresses with flowers and looked after my community. After some time, my home was destroyed. I was fortunate enough to escape thanks to my twin flame.

My twin flame worked on the ships and was quite technologically advanced. He was working on one of the ships when Dracos destroyed our planet. We escaped enroute for the Pleiades but our ship was chased, and ended up in Cassiopeia. My twin & I were pulled apart. I came to the Andromedan constellation. My skin began to change, after hundreds of lifetime incarnations here & my body took a new form.

Before long The Orion wars erupted and I became part of a group called the Black league fighting for our freedoms undercover. I then crossed paths with my Twin Flame instantly remembering our love. From then on incarnation after incarnation we have been inseparable. In this current life we will come into union once we are both balanced in our Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energies. We have energetically connected in our dreams many times & I recognise our energies. Today I have Lyran and Andromedan guides working with me.


One of my Lyran Guides appears as a Warrior. A huge white lion being with silver armor. He provides me with special light codes to use & my Andromedan guide is an Ascended Master. We have walked together around Neptune in meditations. I came to know about my origins by accessing the Akashic records. This is your DNA blueprint - your origins, past present future parallel are stored. They are guarded heavily only those with granted access can enter. Mine are guarded by two giant Anubis beings.


They have granted me access to discover many more incarnations as well as accessing my Spiritual abilities. Working with the Akashic records and helping you to access yours is something I do as my Ascension sessions. Dedicated to providing you the activations, tools, teachings & healings, leading to total embodiment of your higher self.


Access your Akashic records & view into lifetimes discovering your true origins.

Heal, cancel, clear & delete old contracts with other beings formed across other incarnations & align with your Soul.

Master: Astral Travel, awaken psychic abilities, channel & embody divine beings of Light, Transform-heal-manipulate energy to fulfil your mission.

Heal money blocks & receive potent DNA activations to up-level to awaken your Spiritual gifts & how to monetize them by creating your own Soul aligned business escaping the Matrix!


Discover your origins align with your higher purpose now.


I may be your teacher & guide at the start of your journey. But, once you commence Ascension sessions with me; you will be leading the same example.


I want to heal & inspire you to lead from your heart, and have the most empowered, enlightened, and awakening experience you could ever wish for.

Much love to you Lightworker,

Ellie xx