Angelic, Crystal & Reiki Energy Healing

Full body energy healing channeling the Golden Ray, Archangels & Reiki.  I am one of the only healers incorporating more than one energy so that you can receive total healing across all levels of your being. 

​Benefits to Energy Healing

  • Full body healing and specific areas of pain.

  • Targeting deep rooted traumas

  • Clearing, cancelling, removing old programming, toxic beliefs & behaviors

  • Channeling Reiki, archangels & angels, The Golden Ray (Christ Consciousness), & the highest vibrational frequency, so you recieve total healing across all layers of your energetic being

  • Healing, balancing your Chakras and entire body

  • Removing old attachments including past lives that no longer serve your highest good

  • Truly potent healing, powerful energies leading to total healing & restoration of your divine Soul

  • Attunement of Crystals to assist with your specific needs at the time.


Energy is infinite and just as powerful whether online or in person.  My Spiritual team have upgraded my abilities to reach people anywhere in the world and removed lower emf waves from interfering.  My regular clients are located in California, UK, Croatia and Australia.  Sessions are 1 hour and held online via Zoom or in person.  Grounding, & Sage cleansing included as bonus each and every week for you.