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These crystals are insanely powerful!

It's been a few years in the making but my spiritual team guided me to call in & attune specially selected crystals with incredibly high vibrational energy from the Golden Ray (Christ Consciousness) and Elohim (humanity's creators) and Reiki (Chi Universal Life Force Energy).

These potent crystals contain sacred energy to bring unity christ consciousness into the planet, your home, and you.

This was a role of mine I played during my time in Atlantis, and it's this lifetime I am calling in now. Which is very important now, during the time we are in - The Great Awakening. 

The time of Lemuria and prior to the time Atlantis regressed, we had created Unity on Earth. Now we are achieving this again, and with the assistance of these enhanced crystals, you can create Unity within and around you too.

They are programmed specifically to your energy. When you purchase them I tune into your energy, cleanse them, reprogram them & charge them with Christ Consciousness - the highest vibration of creation next to source & Reiki. There are only very few people in the world attuned to this energy. I am one of them.

Allow me to gift these energies to you so together we can bring Unity Consciousness to the planet & increase love all round.

On top of this, every crystal has their own powers to enhance your healing, bringing in abundance, and awaken you to your own spiritual psychic abilities.

"You'll feel the pull of ancient Atlantean & Lemurian energy in your space, protecting, loving and healing you."