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"I've always had a knowing that I'd been here before and had read a lot of books about others going into hypnosis and receiving awareness's that could help them understand and move forward in this lifetime.

I came across the beautiful Ellie through a friend who told me about her experience through a Quantum Healing session and a huge wave of "THIS IS IT" came over me.


So as soon as I heard Ellie had put together the iHEAL Technique course I signed up before I even had a session with her! My soul knew it was time!

My first session with Ellie was beautiful and gave me what I needed at that time! Ellie has such a beautiful and kind tone that allows you to be at ease straight away and I thank her for this!


The iHEAL course is incredible and gave me so much information, I loved it all, our one to one sessions were my favourite part of the course because I was able to gather any questions I had for her and ask them all at once! Ellie is so knowledgeable I wish we could carry on with those sessions as there are always things that pop up that you want confirmation of... and that's where trusting our own abilities come in!

I love holding space for others, I get so excited and always look forward to sessions! HUGE thank you Ellie xxx so much love and gratitude to you!"

Catherine Foster, now an iHEAL Quantum Healer, England UK

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Ellie is absolutely amazing.

I am doing the Deep Healing Soul Transformation program and love how informative and supportive the resources and Ellie are throughout the entire 3 months.

Her passion, dedication and genuine care for helping her clients with breakthroughs in their healing is incredible.

Thank you for guiding me on my journey in shifting my mindset and stepping into my power.

Ellie is a light and I am truly grateful for the gift of crossing paths with her.

Highly recommend working with Ellie :)

Hannah Young, Perth


I had a QHH session with Ellie and experienced very clear visions and messages which Ellie guided me through with understanding and expertise. Ellie is extremely intuitive and I would highly recommend her spiritual healing gifts to anyone feeling stuck and not knowing why. Thank you Ellie!

Jess (Jeyaia) Matthews, Singer & Spiritual Channeler

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1. Removing blocks that can stop you from embracing your full potential / gifts.

2. Your gifts are your key to your happiness and journey here on earth - she will help you to understand them and with the help of your higher self develop them

3. Turbocharge / ignite your gifts with powerful new energies that are made available in the session.

I had been looking to understand more about my gifts and how I could use them to help others. But I had some fear around stepping out and announcing to the world, this is what I do.


I went to see Ellie to get help with both my fear and to understand how I could use my gift more powerfully.


I realised that the fear was preventing me from fully embracing my gifts. And with Ellie’s help I was able to work through my fear and, understand how I could start to really use my gifts as well.


In addition, during our session, and with Ellie’s guidance, I was also given another, more powerful energy to use. This was a real unexpected bonus and something I’m very grateful for.


I would recommend Ellie to anyone who is wishing to remove the blocks that are holding them. And if you’re looking to understand and empower their gifts then a session with Ellie is a must.


Her session was profound, moving and enlightening. And just what I needed to take the next step on my journey."

"Ellie's session focused on three key areas:

Marcus Corah, NLP Practitioner, Hampton VIC

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I first came across Past life regression during an Experiential Healing session I was doing where the Client went into a Past life. After this I developed a curiosity for Quantum Healing. While looking into this I came across Ellie on Facebook and decided to book a session.


During the session I was blown away by what showed up for me, how pertinent it was for me with what was showing up in my life and the difference it made following the session. I knew then I had to learn more about Quantum and Ellie for me was the obvious choice as we just connected. She felt on some level like a Soul Sister to me and I don't doubt we knew each other in another lifetime.


The course for me was everything I hoped it would be... riveting, informative and in connecting my Clients and myself to the higher realm the changes for them were profound.


I think my favourite part of each session has to be seeing how the intention you set plays out in the scenes that you go to. How the Higher self shows you where your blocks or fears come from and then how you can set about clearing it throughout your timeline.


In one of Ellie's one on one sessions I set an intention around clearing any fears or blockages around putting myself out there in my work.

I was taken to a scene where I was a healer healing people and making up potions for them. I lived in a village with my Husband ( now my present husband in this life) and 2 children and we were considered strange. However when the people were unwell they came to me for what looked like Reiki healing as well as these potions. Anyway the authorities got wind of what I was doing, chased us down and I was called a witch and burned at the stake. I remember being up in front of the whole village and for some reasons I didn't fear dying but was aggrieved at being so misunderstood. So the intention of clearing any blocks around putting myself out there made so much sense.


I feel with the IHeal technique you can help people change their lives on so many levels ... be it physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual as well as healing ancestral issues which is incredibly powerful!


So would I recommend the IHeal Technique? Absolutely YES!

Take that leap if you feel drawn, as you will not regret it!

Ellie is such a wonderful wise kind Teacher and Facilitator who is there with you every step of the way and always with the kind word and sage advice. I could not recommend it enough.

So thank you Ellie for coming in to my life. It has been an honour and I am eternally grateful.

Rena McSweeney, now an iHEAL Quantum Healer, Dublin Ireland.

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Cannot recommend this enough! I didn’t know what to expect going into the session and Ellie immediately made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in great hands. She lead me through the whole session with such grace. Healing is continuing to occur, in ways I couldn’t have imagined and never knew I needed! I can’t wait for my next session and to carry on working with Ellie!

Cordelia SLBG, Natural Medium (although she denies it) England UK

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My sessions with Ellie were amazing! She's such a beautiful soul and I learnt so much from her. I'm so excited for everything that's to come for me after these sessions and everything Ellie has helped incorporate into my life. I will definitely work with Ellie again in future and high recommend her to anyone in need of healing or direction in life.

Emma Witzand, Carrum VIC

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