The Divine Feminine 
Womens Circle


Sacred initiation into the Divine Feminine

Once a month, we come together as Sisters of Gaia.  Paying homage to our Divine Mother with a Goddess ceremony celebrating Gaia & our natural cycles.

I provide Energy Healings including Womb trauma healings, channel the Golden Ray & other frequencies so that you can heal, embody, and empower your Divine Feminine.

These sessions are deeply personal and very sacred.  We come together as women celebrating one another, sharing our pains & successes.

We are an inclusive circle and encourage attendance as often as possible for the purpose of creating a sacred sisterhood, trusting & loving and supportive of one another.  Each circle is powerful with potent energy work for each of us.  You will feel the love of not only us women, but the Goddess as she activates and awakens your own Divine Feminine so that you can lead from yours & open your energy up to receiving.

We have lost the art of gathering as women once did, to connect, to nurture each other and to actually, give space, time, energy and permission for the feminine to rise within us individually and collectively. We need to honour her. Our circle will call in nurturing practices that honour the feminine within each of us.

Our circle raises our individual and collective frequencies, strengthening our intuition & increases psychic awareness. 

If these words resonate with you, then join our sacred circle and become part of our Sisterhood today.

Sensual – Creative - Strong – Courageous – Intuitive - Authentic

Examples of ceremonies:







I work with and call in Divine Goddesses to assist you as a group and individually. 

Monthly subscription with ceremonies on the second thursday of each month usually just after the full moon with recordings available for those unable to attend.

Each circle is held over zoom connecting our sacred sisters from all across the world.  Once you have subscribed you will be sent a Zoom link for every sacred ceremony as well as an email with preperation.  Subscription is just $25AUD / $19USD a month.

Welcome to the sisterhood.  Welcome to Your sisterhood.

Three Women